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I’m impressed with ACS CARGO International Transports & Logistics. I have never seen a company handle large volumes for such long periods of time and still maintain their 99% service level. I know I can call them at any time—night or day—and they will be there for me. It’s a security zone in my job.
Jamie Dropko - Traffic Manager
I started using ACS CARGO International Transports & Logistics for a small shipment years ago. I was so impressed with their services that I have shifted all my business to them. I highly recommend them!
Al Levitz - Arthur Products

Our Client List

Our products have been successfully implemented and used by Exporters, Importers, Custom House Agents/ Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, 3PL companies, IATA cargo agents, Air Freight and Sea Freight forwarding companies and other logistics service provIDers.We have over 5,000 satisfied users in more than 500 organisations across the world.

Together with these customers, we work diligently to improve logistics solutions in order to continue setting trends and leading the marketplace in our respective businesses. Our customers range from multinational logistics enterprises, large corporate exporters, to small and medium sized cargo agents and custom brokers.

Our Client List

Logistics consulting and additional services

The increasing specialisation of the economy means demands on logistics consultation and processing are growing.
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