Bank Transfer

When you are buying and selling items online, the payment method you choose is essential for allowing you to have a smooth transaction process.
ACS CARGO International Transports & Logistics services allow a smooth and safe transaction to occur and encourage buyers and sellers from across the globe to transact with the confidence that payments and selling agreements are protected by a secure and professional escrow service.

Buyers and sellers that use ACS CARGO International Transports & Logistics services can buy and sell any number of items, packages, services, and goods, from computer software including installation, to bulk merchandise right through to boats and high-end jewelry. Transacting is protected by an escrow service that acts as a third party for the convenience of both groups involved in the sale.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is a common payment method and allows buyers to send funds to services such as ACS CARGO International Transports & Logistics from their dedicated bank account. Using a bank transfer during your escrow transaction can provide a safe and secure payment method for your items. Full details are on the website which provides step by step instructions as guidance during the transaction process.

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